Tricky Answers The Questions For OKP TV

Tricky Answers "The Questions" For OKP TV

UK Super Producer Tricky Answers 'The Questions' For OKP TV.

UK super producer and sonic legend Tricky is the latest to take the hot seat to answer The Questions for OKP TV. He dives headfirst into a few provocative topics after breaking down the thinking behind his 2014 Adrian Thaws LP – a project about self-discovery that bears his legal name. He also talks his favorite cities, his desire to “sing like a woman“, his favorite tattoos and offers his thoughts on false idols; he is very clear about his belief that Jesus and Yeezus are chief among them. You don’t want to miss the knowledge Tricky is dropping in this clip. Check the footage below to get the full rundown from Tricky. Purchase Tricky’s Adrian Thaws LP via iTunes. Stay tuned for more from OKP TV.

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