Tricky – ‘False Idols’ LP Stream

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Pioneering Bristol producer Tricky returns to the fore with a taste of his forthcoming LP False Idols, dropping on May 28th. His grimacing visage still firmly affixed to the wave of trip-hop fame that exalted him during the mid-90s, Tricky preps his first album since 2010’s Mixed Race LP. His impending album is being released on his new False Idols label. The forthcoming release is his tenth album in a series of projects jumpstarted by the release of Maxinquaye – his pivotal 1995 debut. This LP finds Tricky in the studio with a fresh set of collaborators and face-melting sounds that push this writhing collection of songs to an emotional brink that could be the closest he’s gotten to his oft-celebrated debut since its release nearly two decades ago. Tricky’s guests on this outing include Nneka, Fifi Rong and Fran Belmonte. Stream Tricky’s forthcoming LP False Idols via NPR

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