Video: Tanya Morgan x Fuse TV Interview

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Tanya Morgan with Fuse TV

OKP: matching you with your future hip-hop partner since Tanya Morgan. The Brooklynati duo sat down with Fuse TV recently to explain their journey thus far and mentioned meeting each other for the first time on the Okayplayer message boards. Transitioning into making music was natural for these two — Donwill used to freestyle and Von Pea, the only 80’s born person in his family, tried to be like his bigger cousins who were always listening to hip hop. The duo is still humble even though they’re on the rise, mentioning how people today don’t know how to research through music too well. “We’re surprised people know about us,” Von Pea says. Special shout out to our own DJ Brainchild from Von Pea. Check out the video below.

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