Shuggie Otis To Play North Jazz Festival 2013

Shuggie Otis To Play North Sea Jazz Festival 2013


Shuggie Otis takes his special brand of funk across the pond for a performance at North Sea Jazz Festival in Rotterdam, The Netherlands on July 13th. The performance is one highlight in a day packed with musical innovators and legendary acts including Jonathan Batiste, Cody Chesnutt, Gary Clark Jr. and a host of others. Shuggie Otis’ set at North Sea follows the release of his latest LP Inspiration Information/Wings Of Love, which dropped in April. The project seeks to right the wrongs of previous releases by sorting out his body of work in the proper chronology and offering a comprehensive set of tracks that span his career from the seminal Inspiration Information LP and other unreleased works before jumping into his latest recordings; the double LP covers a time period from the mid-70s to the present to illustrate the genius of the oft-overlooked overlord of blues and funk. Shuggie Otis has made a triumphant return to music in the past few years, thanks-in-part to a demand for his sound from music geeks digging their way through the dense jungle of funk and soul that was the 70s. He continues his late-stage ascent live from the Congo for the 2013 fest. He will hit the stage at 5:15 PM with a full band, likely to a sold out crowd. Check the audio below for a taste of what’s in store. Purchase tickets at northseajazz.com.

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