Cody ChesnuTT Live In Paris [Video + Exclusive Photo Gallery]

Eddie "STATS" Imported from Detroit.
Cody ChesnuTT Live in Paris (shot by Mr. Mass)

Last week Cody ChesnuTT put on his G.I. helmet and marched into France like a one-man soul army. Our man in Paris Mr. Mass was on hand to document the invasion from start to finish, thanks to his relations with MC*5 who have been responsible for bringing not only Cody but Yasiin, DOOM (more on that soon) and De La Soul–among others–to the City of Light. Quiet as kept MC*5 and Mass have also been collaborating on the NO(w)FUTUR shows which are the live counterpart to their ill mixtapes. As Mass put it, the association was:

“Lucky for me, ’cause I started the week to a PUMPED UP Cody ChesnuTT show in at La Cigale. I’ve seen Cody ChesnuTT shows a lot of times–I’ve done lots of pictures with Cody and we have a strong respect for each other–he really powered through the whole show, from getting down in the audience to adding a rock ‘n’ roll kind of energy to the whole show and gettin mad love back from the crowd.”

Scroll through his amazing photos above and catch a bit of Cody performing a revved-up alternate version of the OKP favorite “Everybody’s Brother” via this slightly blurry but compelling clip from Chatoune TV:

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