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Murs answers The Questions for Okayplayer TV
Murs answers The Questions for Okayplayer TV

Murs Speaks On Strip Clubs, Rasta Knowledge + More For "The Questions" [OKP TV]

Murs answers The Questions for Okayplayer TVMurs answers The Questions for Okayplayer TV

OG backpack rapper Murs is the latest of our favorite artists to get run up on by our OKP TV cameras for random barrage of questions, drive-by style. Actually that's not small-q questions but Big-Q "The Questions" (and if OG backpack rapper seems like a contradiction in terms then you don't know Murs. It is a contradiction in terms, but so is he). One of the beautiful things about "The Questions," from our pov, is that you never know which of these off-the-domepieces is going to spark a hilarious response from your favorite artist, like say Chuck D's amazing anecdote (complete with flip-phone footage) about the Flavor Flav Memorial Cheeseburger, preserved since like, 1994. We are as surprised by the answers we get as you the viewer (and sometimes the artist) which makes it a whole hell of a lot more fun for us than shooting your typical interview because--let's be real--in the age of the internet we already know when your new album is coming out and if we don't Dr. Google can beam the information directly into our brains a lot faster than the 'skip ads' button takes to load on a video interview.

In the case of a dude like Murs, however, it seems every question is the one that sparks a hilarious response because Murs is just an incredibly smart, animated, opinionated and off the wall cat off-camera or on; the type of dude who can hold forth about the teachings of H.I.M. Haile Selassie I and sponsors Ethiopian kids in Shashamane land (points for you if you know where to look for Shashamane land on a map) as he is about the official best strip club in the world (Atlanta's Body Tap, FYI) and how it launched the careers of the Ying-Yang Twins. Or how whiskey keeps him from killing his kids. Or his man-crush on Kid Rock. It's the question about groupies though, that really got him hot:

"I have a god-given talent and if someone loves that and wants to give me sex because of it? Fuck yeah. I respect you. You're not a groupie, you're a fucking beautiful person. I love you!"

And that is just the tip of the Murs-berg. To get his answers to all of "The Questions" press play below:

Videographer + Editor: Allison Swank