Chuck D of Public Enemy Answers The Questions for OKP TV

Chuck D of Public Enemy Faces "The Questions" On Okayplayer TV

by Eddie "STATS"
September 12, 2013 1:53 PM

Chuck D of Public Enemy answers "The Questions" for Okayplayer TV

It used to take a nation of millions to hold Public Enemy frontman and minister of propaganda¬†Chuck D back–now it takes the whole global online population of BILLIONS, yo. Chuck has always been at the forefront of that place where rap meets technology meets fight-the-power and it goes without saying he is something of a father figure to the Okayplayer movement on a number of levels. So like any bad-ass little kid when they get a few minutes of quality time with pa dukes, when we found ourselves chilling backstage with Chuck between sets at the recent Afropunk festival here in Brooklyn, it was clearly time to pester the man with a string of annoying questions (Ah! The Questions!)

Questions like: Studio or stage? What did you think about Okayplayer when it first started? Didn’t you start one of the first blogs ever? ¬†So how come you didn’t F with twitter when it came out? What’s your craziest fan story ever? Of course, little did we know when we asked that last one, he would break down the official all-time CRAZIEST FAN STORY EVER and produce flip-camera footage of the Australian dude who saved a cheeseburger that Flavor Flav took a bite out of one time in 1994 and then PRESERVED IT SO HE COULD MAKE IT INTO A MEDALLION TO WEAR AROUND HIS NECK. True story. We couldn’t make this shit up ourselves if we tried–and Chuck got the footage to prove it! Watch below:

Videographer + Editor: Allison Swank
Music by Desert_Head

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