The Round-Up: Best Songs of The Month - March 2017 [Playlist]

Best Songs of The Month: Drake Discovers House, Frank Seduces Fashion and Kendrick Goes For The Crown [Playlist]

Best Songs of The Month: Drake Discovers House, Frank Seduces Fashion and Kendrick Goes For The Crown

The whole in like a lamb out like a lion thing proved its weight this month. Sure, it was another watershed moment in Drake‘s historic chart-destroying career, but The Toronto Terror’s return was imminent. Promised and delivered. But Drake’s discovery of house and absorption of Grime shouldn’t be all you take away from a month that was laced with surprises frrom artistic adversaries. Frank Ocean flooded the shores with not one, but two appearances; first on Calvin Harris’ “Slide,” again on his solo single “Chanel,” where he flirts with high-fashion sentiments and allows himself to be seduced. The Parisian institution thanked him for his thoughts.

Meanwhile, Kendrick Lamar was quietly stalking the industry, awaiting the perfect moment to pounce and snatch up a crown everyone already assumed was his. The LA rapper also struck twice, announcing his return with the three-part murder-all single “The Heart Part 4,”  following through with “HUMBLE,” a Mike Will Made It-helmed heater that is anything but. Even with the Canadian and Comptonian powerhouses at full-stream, Kaytranada and GoldLink managed to sneak a few more examples of creative kinship going terribly right, and Little Dragon announced their own new saga. All of which is to say that with so many new projects laying ahead, this particular March was nothing short of a miraculous pace-setter for the rest of the year.

If there was any doubt as to whether 2017 could possibly stack up to the colossal output of the year prior, at this point, it seems safe to lay the worries to rest. We’ve picked apart each and every installment of The Round-Up this month to bring you a collection of March’s most irresistible singles and album standouts in a special edition of our weekly Spotify series. Here’s to April, no fools needed.

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