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Watch The Roots And Jimmy Fallon Turn Trump's Twitter Rants Into Raps On The 'Tonight Show'
Tweets with Beats: Trump on Secret Cohen Tapes and Collusion

Watch The Roots And Jimmy Fallon Turn Trump's Twitter Rants Into Raps On The 'Tonight Show'

They should make this a recurring bit.

There's nothing good about Donald Trump's Twitter rants. That this man frequently takes to social media to speak against people's criticisms of him as well as randomly (and specifically) call out people is undeniably embarrassing. But at the very least, The Roots and Jimmy Fallon have made good use of Trump's stupidity.

The late night host and his backing band did a bit where they transformed Trump's Twitter rants into raps, with the former offering his best Trump impersonation and rapping alongside Black Thought. Here's a standout line from the segment:

"So the F.B.I.'s out, looking for collusion, while the president tweets 'I had a greet meeting with Putin.'"

In related news, Black Thought recently sat down with actor Daveed Diggs, where the two discussed the latter's new film Blindspotting as well as the former's solo debut Streams of Thought Vol. 1.

During the interview, Black Thought revealed that he considered the new project a follow-up to his viral Hot 97 freestyle.

"I could've just done the rounds. I could've just went around and said 'Ok, I'm gonna go out to L.A. now and do the same thing on a radio show out there.' Just do more 15-minute, 10-minute freestyles or whatever," Thought said. "But I decided to speak to what I was getting from my fans which was like 'Whatever happened to all these different projects you said was coming out?'"