Black Thought Absolutely Spazzes In Hot 97 Freestyle Over Mobb Deep’s “Burn”

Black Thought Absolutely Spazzes In Hot 97 Freestyle Over Mobb Deep’s “Burn”

Black Thought at Roots Picnic 2016

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One of the greatest of all time, Black Thought, shows wack rappers how to really do this freestyle thing in a new freestyle for Hot 97 and Funkmaster Flex.

All you have to do is check my top three MC’s list to see why this is a special post for me. Black Thought, a master of wordplay on a level you can’t define, stepped into Ciroc Studios and absolutely blacked-the-fuck-out. Sure, there have been some hot moments on Funkmaster Flex freestyle series—Vic Mensa, Iman Shumpert—but leave it up to One Take ‘Riq to do it on another plateau.

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Before you watch the video below, just note that there are so many quotable lines in this clip that Genius needs to have the lyrics uploaded on the site, ASAP! With the real rap fans clamoring for a real MC to bless the mic (“I like to answer people’s demands,” Flex said) — Thought, the Maharaji of The Next Movement, stepped up and did his thing over Mobb Deep’s classic smash, “The Learning (Burn)”.

Originally produced by Havoc, the icon from Philadelphia goes in for 10-minutes-plus, sounding like he’s there to prove a point. And a point was made, you other MC have a long climb to eff with Tariq Trotter. As he said he’s “not one of y’all peers, he’s the sum of y’all fears,” and quite undoubtedly one of the most voracious, tactically sound, ferocious rhymers in the entire game of hip-hop. He should make anyone quiver once he’s done on the mic. Shake like an epileptic if you’re the one that should have to rock after him.

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Flex was almost knocked into the “Guerilla Monsoon Rap” era for just how impactful Thought’s verses were. This is the Black Thought that earned his place in my top three MC’s list… debate me on Twitter if you want, but like anyone else going against the god, you’ll lose that argument. For real competitive, hardcore, want-to-be-the-best type of an MC, watch this clip, study the words and how they connect, and just don’t think Black Thought is that funny guy with Jimmy Fallon because you’ll experience a fate worse than death believing that.

And once you’re done here, go and watch Black Thought and Method Man obliterate Sirius XM’s studio.

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