“You Can Be Pro-Cop And Pro-Black” – Trevor Noah

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"You Can Be Pro-Cop And Pro-Black" - Trevor Noah

"You Can Be Pro-Cop And Pro-Black" - Trevor Noah

Last night as the murders of Alton Sterling and Philando Castile were compounded by the loss of five Dallas police officers in an unthinkable standoff with snipers, Daily Show host Trevor Noah was tasked with putting these seemingly conflicting tragedies into a new light. And he did so remarkably.

Where some would have you believe that opposing violence against black communities and opposing violence against those sworn to protect are mutually exclusive, Noah pled for a nuanced perspective, one where, as he put it, “you can be pro-cop and pro-black” likening the off-base mutual exclusivity to one picking between the Yankees and the Red Sox. But make no mistake, it’s far from being that lighthearted. And say what you will about The Daily Show‘s less than great election coverage (we know, we know.) Trevor Noah and the Daily Show team absolutely nailed this one. Watch as Trevor Noah breaks down these terribly misguided preconceptions in the clip below.

Join us in the hope that he doesn’t have to repeat any of these sentiments in the days ahead. The world simply can’t take another week as devastating and emotionally draining as this one’s played out.

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