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Video: Ryan Leslie "Swiss Francs" Mini-Doc + Harlem Jets Speech

I am telling you, Ryan Leslie's true calling is not music per se. His true calling is making these mini-movies which transform the typical time-waster/annoyance of a video teaser or studio behind the scenes into something  more watchable than most videos. Which brings us to this "Swiss Francs" mini-doc/making-of thingy; not a video preview, exactly, since the footage is actually b-roll from the ongoing Les Is More documentary, cut to an audio preview of the song. The official vid for "Swiss Francs" will apparently be a black and white affair that looks nothing like this. What we get here--besides a hook that rhymes "Swiss Francs" with "I can see right through these n**gas; #fishtanks"--is some clips from his motivational address to the Harlem Jets (watch in full after the jump) and Fabolous passing true the studio for another brief audio preview, of his "Beautiful Lie" remix. I say again he should just officially declare himself a multi-media artist and I say now him and Fabolous should stop messing with the solo thing and just be a group.

Spotted at TIRNB