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Watch Usher, Nas & Bibi Bourelly Perform Their Social Justice Anthem “Chains” Live On ‘Kimmel’

Watch Usher, Nas & Bibi Bourelly Perform Their Social Justice Anthem “Chains” Live On ‘Kimmel’

Usher Chains Live Jimmy Kimmel

Usher Chains Live Jimmy Kimmel

After releasing their surprising and very moving new single “Chains,” Usher, Nas and Bibi Bourelly took to the stage to give it its live debut. Performing at Brooklyn’s Barclays Center Tidal 10/20 blow-out night (which was also recorded and rebroadcasted on Jimmy Kimmel Live), the trio took to the stage with impassioned energy, clearly invigorated by their composition’s noble cause.

And that cause is justice in the face of racial violence and oppression. “Chains” is a song that pushes back against the systems that not only killed Trayvon Martin, Michael Brown, Tamir Rice, Freddie Gray, Eric Garner and so many others, but exonerated their police killers and the broken American justice system. Even before Usher and Bourelly took to the stage, spoken reports of tear gas and protests echoed throughout the arena. Actual shackles were used during the performance, although they were quickly broken by Usher as he belted out the soaring hook of “Chains.” Nas took the stage dressed as Tommie Smith (who in 1968 gave a defiant black power salute after winning Olympic Gold).

Watch the performance below, and if you haven’t already delved into the mesmerizing online experience of “Chains” over on TIDAL’s website, do so. But whatever you do—don’t look away.

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