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Trump Jr. Insists Dad Isn't Racist Because He Hung Out With Rappers

Trump Jr. Insists Dad Isn't Racist Because He Hung Out With Rappers Source: YouTube

Donald Trump Jr. basically used the "I have black friends" defense when addressing accusations of his father being racist in a new interview.

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Ginni Thomas, the conservative activist and wife of Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas, interviewed Trump for conservative news site The Daily Caller, where she asked him about "the left's efforts to frame your dad and anyone who supports your dad as a hater, as a racist, as a fascist."

Trump responded:

"The real problem is those things exist, certainly racism exists, but if it's your response to any argument you can't win, you actually do a real disservice to those people actually afflicted by it, by those people who are actually oppressed and hurt by real racism and real sexism."

"It's been terrible to watch, because I know him, I've seen him my whole life, I've seen the things he's done. It's amazing, all the rappers, all the this, all his African-American friends, from Jesse Jackson to Al Sharpton, I have pictures with them…it was only when he got into politics that all of a sudden, 'Oh, he's the most terrible human being ever.'"

As Spin notes, Trump's father was sued by the Department of Justice's Civil Rights division in the '70s for allegedly discriminating against black tenants, and let's not forget the time he purchased a number of newspaper ads calling for the execution of the Central Park Five, the group of black and Latino teens who were wrongly convicted of an assault and rape they never committed.

Or, even more recent, Trump calling Haiti and countries in Africa "s**thole countries."

But sure, Trump Jr. keep insisting that there's no possible way your father is racist because he has black friends and rappers.

Via Spin