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Talib Kweli x Combat Jack On The Academics Of Rap [Pt. 1]

Talib Kweli x Combat Jack On The Academics Of Rap [Pt. 1]

Talib Kweli on the Combat Jack Show

Everybody’s favorite rapademic Talib Kweli sits down with everybody’s favorite hip-hop lawyer-turned-internet-radio-personality Combat Jack for a go-deep interview in the trademark CJ style. In this first installment of the conversation with Kweli, we get an idea of how growing up in a house full of books shaped his academic approach to rap, his apprenticeship in the parks and clubs of early 1990s New York, right up to his string of appearances at the legendary hip-hop incubator Lyricist’s Lounge. There’s also some gems about ghostwriting for kids on his block and the best motivational factors for going hardbody in your quest to become an artists. Actually to hear Kweli tell it the best motivator is a pregnant girlfriend with no visible means of support, so maybe not necessarily a self-help tip you want to replicate in your own life. At the end we get a little snippet of what’s to come, which apparently includes some anecdotes about passing blunts in the booth with the legendary Biggie Smalls, so…stuff to look forward to.


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