Sean Price "Borrows" A Ride On A Citibike

by Okayplayer
July 16, 2013 4:12 PM


Sean Price delivers a recession-friendly primer on the art of procuring a Citibike – those electric blue bicycles for rent all over New York City – in his latest video for Duck Down Music. As long as you’re not morally opposed to life as a rolling billboard, Citibike offers a convenient alternative to commuters who may want a break from the daily grind of buses, trains and just flat-out hoofing it from borough to borough. Determined not to walk back to Brownsville, Sean Price hitches a ride on somebody else’s dime in the most recent episode of The Sean Price Show – his continually hilarious misadventures with Duck Down Music. Check the video below to see what it takes to get yourself a Citibike.

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