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Raury Steps It Up For His XXL Freshman Freestyle

Raury Steps It Up For His XXL Freshman Freestyle

Raury XXL Freshman Freestyle Square

Raury XXL Freshman Freestyle Large

The roaring wave of XXL Freshman Class Freestyles just keeps coming on. This time, young Georgian troubadour Raury has stepped up to the plate (erm, mic) and delivered a scathing, off-the-cuff rebuke of the status quo, just as he’s wont to do. “Chill out with the bullshit / Don’t be messing with my vibe,” the 19 year-old opens; it only goes up from there.

Up in the sense that it gets interstellar–Raury raps about UFOs and a conspiracy that aliens actually walk among us. Does he mean it, or is it all just a giant metaphor for government spying, data mining and the NSA? The truth is out there, and Raury’s out there looking for it. Things quickly take a softer turn, though. “Told me keep in touch when I get big and breakin’ out / Hope that I can say I know you 20 years from now,” he continues, moving on to the simple joys of friends and mary jane.

Raury wowed us (and 14,000 others) at the 8th annual Roots Picnic and, in his recent string of videos has proven that he’s without a doubt one of the most important young artists to keep an eye on as the year progresses. Watch his a cappella freestyle below.

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