Raury Performs "God's Whisper" Live At FADER's #uncapped In Philly

Raury Goes Full Beast Mode In Philly, Performs "God's Whisper" Live At FADER's #uncapped

Raury Performs "God's Whisper" Live In Philly

Raury introduces folks to the metal-head deep within, taking to FADER‘s #uncapped stage for a high-voltage take on his folky rocker “God’s Whisper.” The acoustic guitars get thrown to the wind as the adolescent ATLien steps front and center to lead his band through a growling rendition of his Indigo Child single.  Speaking of which, his freshman debut is out now for the low, low price of free ninety-nine and it can be copped by hitting the link below. If “God’s Whisper” sends a chill up your arm, then you can go ahead and grab it on iTunes today. Be sure to stay tuned, Raury’s got a whole lot more under those sleeves. Head over to his Soundcloud and see if you can keep up.

—>>>Download Raury’s Indigo Child LP

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