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PEACEFUL SOLUTIONS - "Hot Negro Pause" [Official Video]
PEACEFUL SOLUTIONS - "Hot Negro Pause" [Official Video]

OKP Premiere: PEACEFUL SOLUTIONS Tap The Greatest Minds Of A Generation For The "Hot Negro Pause" Video

PEACEFUL SOLUTIONS - "Hot Negro Pause" [Official Video]

Leave it to Kassa Overall & KOOL A.D. to come through with mishmash-iest video that ever was. The formidable duo now goes by PEACEFUL SOLUTIONS and have tapped some of the greatest musical, athletic and yes, even criminal, minds of a generation for their latest negative-filled clip. The NYC-based team takes the insta-fame beat of Bobby Shmurda's "Hot Boy" and blaze bars that range from vicious to all-out playful, while a clip stitches footage together of era-defining moments of everyone from Miles Davis, Sun Ra and Eazy E to Michael Jordan and Gary Payton to Chris Rock, Dave Chappelle and a certain purple pioneer that shall not be named out of a very real fear of legal action. Hell, you can even see what the OJ chase scene looks like in digital negative space, rolling down the interstate in that white Bronco. All of which makes for a perfect embodiment of the half-comedy, half-reality raps that these two should now own patents for. You can watch all of the greatest minds of our time come together in one fairly bizarre clip for Kassa Overall & KOOL A.D.'s "Hot Negro Pause" below. Grab a copy of PEACEFUL SOLUTIONS' Barter 7 mixtape via Bandcamp today.