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OKP News: Alicia Keys Speaks On New LP

"Everything is new," says Alicia Keys --these days not only queen of the chords but also mother of Egypt (that's her daughter's name) and Swizz' Missus. Her recently debuted new song "Not Even The King" gave us a glimpse of what the new Alicia is about, and now we receive further intel, this time delivered through her equally beautiful prose. Read an extract of Alicia's monologue after the jump and watch the video above.

I've gone through so much growth and so much realization [...] I've stepped into my womanhood and I'm unafraid of being the whole woman that I am, in every way, flaws and all. And I think that's a very powerful feeling. And so this music that I've been creating, it has really gone through that journey with me and so much of the music that you're gonna hear, it's like talking about what that feels like, what we're all going through.