Video: Alicia Keys Debuts New Song "Not Even The King" Live

Grammy kid Alicia Keys debuted a new song recently at MTV's Upfront preview of their new 2012 shows. Unveiling a little premiere of her own, Ms. Keys (AKA Missus Swizz) gave the world a first look at a new composition entitled "Not Even The King," introducing the new composition the way an Alicia Keys song should be heard--just herself and a grand piano. Watch above--the video is not the best quality but the audio is certainly sufficient to demonstrate that this tune was written for the ages, not for this week's club/radio playlist. Maybe I'm just thinking like a rap-blog dude but why do I feel like Adele's record-breaking grammy sweep is to Keys as a tough new song from Nas or Kanye is to Jay-Z? She. Will. Not. Lose.

spotted at SC