Watch Part 3 Of Noisey's 'Bompton' Documentary

Part 3 Of Noisey's 'Bompton' Explores The City's Most Notorious Strip

Part 3 Of Noisey's 'Bompton' Explores The City's Most Notorious Strip

Thus far, Noisey‘s Bompton documentary has proven to be a vital source for understanding the inner-workings of hip-hop’s west coast hub. It’s analyzed city’s embattled history with police brutality and gang violence, helped contextualize Kendrick Lamar‘s meteoric ascent by underscoring the social and cultural elements that define his hometown, even taken us into the home of a dear friend to hear Compton’s story told by a woman that’s lived through each of its transformations.

For part 3, Bompton dives deeper into the struggles of aspiring rappers by following follow Comptonian MCs Kalifornia King Special and Hitta J3 (both of which can be found on the album cover of To Pimp A Butterfly) through their day-to-day regiments, honing in on the side-hustles that support the dream and touring one of the city’s most notorious strips: Rosecrans Avenue. You can watch the third part of the Noisey’s Bompton down below, just be sure to hold tight for the next installment, which should be arriving any moment now. If you need to play catch up, jump back to parts one and two to get acquainted with one of the most gripping series on the web.

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