Morris Day & Haim Perform "Jungle Love" Live On Kimmel

Morris Day & The HAIM Is Born, Perform "Jungle Love" Live On Jimmy Kimmel

Morris Day & The HAIM Converge On Jimmy Kimmel Live To Perform "Jungle Love"

Morris Day and the lovely sisters of HAIM joined their funky forces on last night’s edition of Jimmy Kimmel Live’s “Mash Up Monday” to perform the always appropriate Time smash “Jungle Love.” Aside from the name obviously lending itself to such a delightful collaboration, the spry, Grammy nominated (Sam Smith defeated) trio proved to be an all-too-fitting cross-generational accompaniment to Day’s electric footwork and stage presence, walking it out with the best of them and paying proper dues to the Minneapolis sound that they’ve adopted into their own contemporized boogie. You can watch Morris Day and The HAIM get loose on an extra funky take of “Jungle Love” on Jimmy Kimmel Live and tune in next week as Aloe Blac and Blackstreet are set to become…dun dun dun…Aloe Blacstreet.

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