OKP Premiere: Malik B and Mr. Green x Nate Green – “We Gonna Make It” [Official Video]

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Malik B and Mr. Green team with Nate Green in the official video for “We Gonna Make It” directed by Derek Aspenberg for LPZ Media. The video – the latest from the pair since their 2013 single “Definition” – is a clip that humanizes the everyday struggle and stands as a testament to triumph over adversity. Buoyed by a simple hook and a sea of smiling faces, the clip features Malik B. alongside singer Nate Green and a host of friends, serving up a realist’s take on what’s required in order to dodge temptation, stay the course and ultimately have a chance at success; the key in this case is just to try. Malik B and Mr. Green drop this video ahead of the long-awaited Unpredictable LP, which is slated to arrive on February 24th. Malik B offers his thoughts on the finished product and how it reflects his daily life:

“The song ‘We Gonna Make It’ is about ppl who aren’t expected to be successful but go against the grain and prosper.
The video is part of my daily routine of going to the library to stay outta trouble and get on the computer. The director
Derek Aspenberg captured it perfectly.

The album ‘Unpredictable’ is how i describe myself and my life…
anything and everything is bound to happen at any given time.
-Malik B”

Check the footage below to watch the official video for “We Gonna Make It” from Malik B and Mr. Green. Pre-order the Unpredictable LP via iTunes. Grab the Unpredictable LP collector’s bundle via jedimindtricks.com. Stay tuned for more.

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