Jay Z Disses TIDAL's Rivals & Reunites w/ Beans At B-Sides Show

Jay Z Disses TIDAL's Rivals & Reunites w/ Beans At B-Sides Show

Jay Z Recently Performed His First B-Sides Concert In NYC, Packing In Classics From His Catalog, Criticizing TIDAL's Competition & Reuniting With The Broad Street Bully, Beanie Sigel.
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Jay Z performed his first B-Sides concert on Saturday night in NYC, packing in classics from his celebrated catalog. Setting the record straight, Jay addressed TIDAL‘s detractors with a searing freestyle that dressed down the competition and cemented his fierce commitment to building the platform on his own terms:

“You know I ain’t shucking and jiving and high-fiving, you know this ain’t back in the days right?
Well I can’t tell, how the way they killed Freddie Gray right/Shot down Mike Brown how they did Tray right?/Let them continue choking n****s, we gon’ turn style, I ain’t your token ni**a/You know I came in this game independent, right?/TIDAL, my own lane, same difference/Oh ni**as is skeptical about they own sh*t/You bought nine iPhones and Steve Jobs is rich/Phil Knight worth trillions you still bought those kicks/Spotify worth nine billion and they ain’t say sh*t!”

Keeping fans on their toes, Jay delivered some unforgettable guest appearances, including a reunion with the Broad Street Bully, Beanie Sigel. The concert, which was streamed for free via TIDAL, also featured appearances from Jay Electronica, Jeezy and other members of the State Property gang. Check the footage below to get a taste of Jay’s freestyle and other highlights from the performance. Get more via TIDAL.com.

Spotted at MI.

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