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Tomi Lahren Suspended From 'The Blaze' For A Week
Tomi Lahren Suspended From 'The Blaze' For A Week
Photo of Tomi Lahren courtesy of YouTube.

Drinks, Profanities Thrown At Tomi Lahren During Hip-Hop Brunch In Minneapolis

Tomi Lahren Suspended From 'The Blaze' For A Week Photo of Tomi Lahren courtesy of YouTube.

A recent brunch experience for Fox News pundit Tomi Lahren didn't go too well.

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Lahren was at Minneapolis' Union Restaurant during a hip-hop-themed brunch when a woman threw a glass of water at Lahren, which then incited a group of people to hurl obscenities at her. The incident occurred when Lahren was getting ready to leave the restaurant when a woman stood up and threw the water at the Fox News correspondent, according to a report from City Pages.

Lahren then attempted to confront the water-thrower's table at which point a man yelled, "Fuck that bitch!," "Fuck that hoe!," "Racist-ass bitch!," before asking: "Why you even out here?"

From there, Lahren left, with a woman presumed to be her mother continuing to talk to the water-thrower. Although City Pages reports that the attack was unprovoked by Lahren, a separate report from The Blast states otherwise.

According to the latter, Jeremy Jackson, a bouncer at the restaurant, said that Tomi claimed she saw the table "scowling at her" on her way out of the eatery and said, "Just another day in the life" as she walked by them.

Jackson then said he stepped in to break up the altercation.

"I said [to Tomi] 'I'd like to separate you all if can please –’ and she responded, 'You're just going to kick me out for them throwing water? Unbelievable,'" Jackson recalled.

Lahren was in Minneapolis for the weekend for an appearance at the Pantages Theatre.

Source: City Pages / The Blast