‘Go And Sit Down’: Wale Defends Jay-Z In Twitter Feud With Tomi Lahren

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Wale "Good to Great"

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On Sunday, Tomi Lahren took to Twitter to criticize Jay-Z after the rapper called Donald Trump a “superbug” during an appearance on CNN’s The Van Jones Show.

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“As opposed to you who raps about b**ches and sisters and brags about selling crack. Yeah…Trump is the problem…sure,” Lahren tweeted.

A number of people responded disapprovingly to Lahren’s remark, including Wale who came to Jay-Z’s defense.

“Tammy he isn’t the president. Also weren’t you just ‘rapping’ 21 Savage???.. go and sit down my friend,” Wale tweeted.


From there the Twitter exchange continued between Wale and Lahren, with the latter responding: “Hey bud, good to hear from you again. Missed your Twitter presence. So anyway…no Jay-Z is not the president but he did campaign for Hillary pretty heavily. Ya know, the woman famous for her ‘super predator’ agenda. Ironic, right?”

This isn’t Wale and Lahren’s first Twitter exchange with each other. In January of last year, the rapper referenced the Fox News commentator on his song “Smile.” Once the song was released, Lahren called Wale out for saying her name wrong (which he has continued to do ever since).

Trump also responded to Jay-Z’s comment about him on Twitter this past weekend.

“Somebody please inform Jay-Z that because of my policies, black unemployment has just been reported to be at the lowest rate ever recorded!” he wrote.

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