Dave Chappelle's Chicago Shows Have A "No Phone Zone"

Dave Chappelle's Chicago Residency Shows Have A "No Phone Zone"

by zo
December 02, 2015 9:51 AM

Comedian Dave Chappelle Returns To The Stage With A String Of Fall Dates That Find Him Playing Venues In Utah, New England, New York & PA, starting September 14th.

Last night, Dave Chappelle commenced a six-night stay at Chicago’s famed Thalia Hall, performing two sets per night through December 6th. Ticket-holders for the shows are ensured everything one would hope to take away from the experience: Chappelle talks, the crowd laughs, three hours of this exchange go by and the folks go home happy to their loved ones with real memories of a legend’s lament.

One thing you won’t see at one of Chappelle’s sets is the supreme vibe-killer: cell phones. For his sold out 12-show run, Chappelle has partnered with defenders of the live realm, Yondr, who secure each venue from technological turmoil by handing out auto-sealing bags at the beginning of every performance, where attendees are expected to put their phone down and out for the count so long as they remain in the “no phone zone.”

All of this, of course, is to ensure that the shows go off without a hitch or disruptive flash, so that you, the person who paid for the ticket, gets precisely what you signed up for. Peep the remaining dates and show times below and hit the link to see if there are any stubs left on the aftermarket.

>>>Grab a ticket (via Stubhub)  

Tour Dates & Show Times: 
December 2nd @ Thalia Hall, 5:30PM & 9PM
December 3rd @ Thalia Hall, 5:30PM & 9PM
December 4th @ Thalia Hall, 5:30PM & 9PM
December 5th @ Thalia Hall, 5:30PM & 9PM
December 6th @ Thalia Hall, 5:30PM & 9PM


h/t Billboard

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