Danny Brown Talks Lean & More With Tim Westwood

Danny Brown Talks Lean & More With Tim Westwood

Danny Brown Sat For An Interview With Tim Westwood During A UK Tour Stop Where He Discussed Lean, Music & More.

Danny Brown recently sat with legendary DJ Tim Westwood during a UK tour stop to discuss a number of subjects including what it’s been like coming down from lean, his favorite festivals, fashion and more. Danny keeps it 100, going into detail about the negative physical effects of excessive codeine syrup consumption and what detoxing from regular use of the drug actually does to the body. Jumping from drugs to music, Danny Brown shows major love to UK grime duo Kahn & Neek and breaks down the degrees of separation between his sound, Dizzee Rascal‘s music and the Detroit ghetto-tech scene. He also talks his design collaboration with Dr. Romanelli and work wear brand Carhartt. Check the footage below to watch the full interview from Tim Westwood and Danny Brown. Purchase Danny Brown’s Old LP via iTunes. Stay tuned for more.

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