A-Alikes & Out Da Box TV Talk 'Us Against Them' EP (Pt. 1 & 2)

A-Alikes & Out Da Box TV Talk 'Us Against Them' EP (Pt. 1 & 2)


A-Alikes discuss their Us Against Them EP with Out Da Box TV in a two-part interview that explores their origins as MCs and political activists. K and Ness break down their early days coming up in Tallahassee as one arm of the RBG movement fronted by revolutionary hip-hop duo Dead Prez and address a range of topics from toxic music and lifestyle habits to and traversing food deserts to finding quality meals out on the road; A-Alikes suggest you avoid fast food chains at all costs. They also speak on the cycle of struggle that affects people in low to moderate income households across the country who are barely able to provide for themselves and their families – the theme of their standout single “Whole Life” – as they work to fulfill the dreams and bottom lines of people at the top of major corporations, ultimately leaving very little if anything at all for their survivors. Check the footage below to watch the in-depth two-part interview from A-Alikes and Out Da Box TV. Download the Us Against Them EP via iTunes.

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