Yasiin Bey Force Fed According To Guantánamo Bay Standard Procedure [NSFW]

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Yasiin Bey voluntarily undergoes force feeding according to the standard U.S. Military procedure currently in practice at Guantánamo Bay. The two-hour procedure is administered twice a day to prisoners adhering to the ongoing hunger strike at the prison, in order to keep them from starving themselves. Prisoners at Guatanamo Bay are subject to the force feeding even during the observance of Ramadan – an act that stands in direct violation of Islamic tradition and religious laws governing the observance of the fast, which is recognized as one of the five pillars of Islam. The invasive and largely grotesque process is detailed in the footage below. In the video Yasiin Bey sheds the markers of freedom to don the standard issue orange jumpsuit and share in the pain these prisoners experience on a daily basis. By putting a familiar face to an experience that is very distant to the everyday lives of most Americans, Yasiin Bey has moved to increase awareness of a very pressing human rights issue and express solidarity with those individuals detained in Cuba. Please be advised that the footage your are about to view is graphic in nature and often difficult to watch.

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