Man Robs Maryland Bank In Blackface

Man Robs Maryland Bank In Blackface

Man Robs Maryland Bank In Blackface

Source: Perryville Police Department

Police described the suspect as “a white male, with paint on his face.”

A white man resorted to wearing blackface to cover up his identity as he robbed a bank in Maryland on Tuesday.

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In a report from NBC News, the man robbed a PNC bank in Perryville, Maryland, with the Perryville police describing the suspect as “a white male, with paint on his face,” who seemed to be in his late 20s to early 30s.

“We are seeking the public’s help in identifying the below pictured subject,” Perryville police wrote on Facebook. The police department has since removed the post after it received comments that were “derogatory and/or vulgar.”

“We do appreciate those who had contributed any information in regards to the Bank Robbery. We ask that in future posts regarding a crime that we limit any commenting to relevance of the incident and details. Thank you,” the new post reads.

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In related news, a California high school teacher is was placed under investigation after appearing in a video wearing blackface late last year. The video, taken by Milpitas High School junior Karrington Kenney, shows the teacher imitating a Microsoft commercial featuring the rapper Common. He reportedly wore the costume for two entire periods on Halloween before administrators caught on.

Source: NBC News

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