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Video: Goodie Mob Debut "Fight To Win" Live On The Voice

Step up to the water-cooler, y'all. As you may already be aware, original ATLiens Goodie Mob donned some gold Africa Galactica space-armor to debut their new song "Fight To Win" live on Cee-Lo Green's dayjob AKA The Voice last night. "Fight To Win" is pop music on an epic scale, rap taken to the arena-sized level of a Queen anthem somewhere between "We Are TheChampions" and the Flash Gordon OST. Here's the thing after years of slowly-building anticipation culminating in the announcement that GM signing on to write the official song for the NBA 2012 season, I'm not sure I feel it. I'm very unsure, in fact, that I want Goodie Mob to be making epic pop music, as opposed to, say, peeping in my window. It's too soon to call; I am still absorbing but okayplayers please lock in your votes and tell me how to feel about this song. And while you're up, s'plain me why Gip and Cee-Lo's teeth are illuminated with a glowstick grill. Find the official studio-quality audio in the youtube clip below (in case your judgement is affected unduly by the gold laserproof Cylon-suits). "Fight To Win" is available as a single on iTunes now.

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