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The Internet Discuss Solo Projects On Pharrell’s ‘OTHERtone’ Show

The Internet Discuss Solo Projects On Pharrell’s ‘OTHERtone’ Show

The Internet Discuss Solo Projects On Pharrell's 'OTHERtone' Show

The Internet recently stopped by Pharrell‘s OTHERtone radio show to not only talk about the band’s future album, but also their own respective solo albums.

A preview clip from the interview dropped yesterday, in which bandleader Syd discusses the differences between each member’s solo projects, and their collective work as The Internet.

“More than anything you’ll see what we all add to The Internet as individuals. Like my album, you’ll probably say ‘Oh okay I get it, she probably writes a lot of it,'” Syd said, adding that the solo projects allows them to explore ideas and sounds that normally wouldn’t fit within The Internet.

She also hints at the sound of her album, saying it will sound “more mainstream” than The Internet’s music, with a lot of pop influences.

The group also takes the time to talk about their last album Ego Death, and how it was a “make or break” release for them. “There was a sense of urgency because also I knew [Ego Death] was one of those albums that was a make or break album,” Matt Martians said. “We built a sort of cult following with Odd Future, but we hadn’t made that project yet.”

It will be interesting to hear The Internet’s solo cuts. We have already got something of a taste from guitarist Steve Lacy, who dropped a track a month ago on SoundCloud.

Titled “Some,” the track rides with an upbeat groove while Lacy attempts to charm a potential interest by crooning, “Baby, can I have some of your love?”

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Earlier in the year the group also discussed their plans both solo and collectively in an interview with Fader. In the story Syd announced that her solo album would be called Dive, and the band was working on the follow up to Ego Death that is slated to drop some time in spring of next year.

Check out the preview clip below and look out for the full interview when it drops on Sunday, December 11.


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