Video: The Bullitts "World Inside Your Rainbow"

The Bullitts come with another one-two audiovisual punch to the amygdala with this new-brand song/video for "World Inside Your Rainbow." At first it may seem like the flawless ethiopique beauty of model Gelila Bekele is providing much of the impact (she is, um, impactful. Let's just be honest about that). But at about 1:49 the realization slowly dawns on you that the dark flashing eyes and acoustic guitar was all just a set-up for the apocalyptic Aswad-style horns that storm the beach after the two-minute mark. This could be the first trumpet, and knowing the mind of Jeymes Samuel, it is the first trumpet of something epic. Stay tuned for more apocalyptic love ballads and black cowboy operas but meanwhile "World Inside Your Rainbow" is on iTunes now.