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This Is Black America: Donald Glover's Wake-Up Call
This Is Black America: Donald Glover's Wake-Up Call
Screen Grab via YouTube

Teacher Faces Backlash For Showing Childish Gambino's "This Is America" Video To Her Students

This Is Black America: Donald Glover's Wake-Up Call Screen Grab via YouTube

A Texas middle school teacher is facing criticism after she showed her students Childish Gambino's controversial "This Is America" music video.

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A computer teacher at Running Brushy Middle School in Cedar Park, Texas, showed her class the video for Gambino's latest hit single, which depicts the artist shooting and killing people, including innocent members of a church choir, to offer a commentary on gun violence throughout the country.

But parents believe that the video shouldn't have been shown to their children. In a report from KXAN, an anonymous father said he wasn't aware of the video until his son told him about it after seeing it in class.

"I don't think this was right to show in school," the father said. "I mean, a lot of stuff that's shown [in that video] is true but it's just not right to show to a middle school environment."

Following criticism from parents, the Leander Independent School District released the following statement:

"A Running Brushy Middle School teacher showed an inappropriate music video to students during instructional time last week. Once it was brought to the attention of the administrative team, the principal addressed the situation with the teacher."

"Our teachers strive to make curriculum relevant to the world around our students, and we support the use of culturally relevant content in classrooms. When incorporating outside materials, we require that our teachers ensure the content is relevant to the state’s Texas Essential Knowledge and Skills (TEKS) and appropriate for the age of the students."

The district didn't say what action the principal took, but said it has been addressed. Since its release last week, "This Is America" has debuted at No. 1 on the Billboard Hot 100 chart.

Source: KXAN