Prince 'Piano And A Microphone' Gala In Paisley Park

Party Up: Prince Is Throwing A 'Piano And A Microphone' Gala At Paisley Park

Crystal Ball: Prince Is Throwing A 'Piano And A Microphone' Gala At Paisley Park

Gotta say, Prince had a pretty damn good 2015. And that’s not even considering the fact that for a second year in a row, we’ve been treated to not one, but two albums (and in quick succession, if I may add.) 2015 was the year that The Kid reclaimed his digital presence, wrote one of his best songs in years (decades, even?) in support of a city on fire and threw a rally there just to make sure that they knew The Purple One was on their side.

Now that we’ve entered the new year, Prince appears to be aiming, unsurprisingly, big. After his Piano And A Microphone tour was cancelled in response to the atrocities perpetrated in Paris late last year, Prince has bucked back with a wordless, yet loud-as-can-be tweet with the image above, announcing a lavish gala and performance at his mystical home/recording facility/venue.

And so, sometimes all you need is a little tweet from Prince to make the world right again. The event will take place Thursday, January 21st, and while he’s yet to announce a precise time for the evening’s commencement, we’ll be sure to keep you purple music fiends abreast to the latest developments (though these types of soirees tend to get started on the later end of things at the compound.)


h/t Dr. Funkenberry

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