People Are Hoping For A Destiny's Child Reunion

People Are Thinking A Destiny's Child Reunion Is In The Works

by Abel Shifferaw
October 28, 2016 9:44 PM

Destiny's Child

The other day “Soldier” by Destiny’s Child featuring T.I. and Lil Wayne turned twelve years old. Which is making me think of how time flies but also is making me think of the song’s classic lines, such as Destiny’s Child’s instantly catchy chorus, “If your status ain’t hood/ I ain’t checkin’ for him/ Betta be street if he lookin’ at me/ I need a soldier” or the lines of Weezy, “Hey, see cash money is a army/ I’m walkin’ wit purple hearts on me/ You talkin’ to the sergeant/Body marked up like the subway in harlem/Call him, weezy f baby, please say the baby.” You may be asking, “oh, so you just randomly be keeping up with the release dates of songs from the 2000s?” Why, sometimes, yes, but in this occasion I was reminded by the newly opened Instagram account of Destiny’s Child. The official account was opened about a week ago and has fueled speculation that the group has a reunion in works. The group’s last album was Destiny Fulfilled in 2004. The three woman (originally four) have released five albums which include classics such  as their self titled debut in 1998 and their holiday themed 8 Days of Christmas. Only time will tell if the opening of the Instagram account has any bearing as to the group reuniting. A tour, perhaps an album? Keep ya ears peeled and ya fingers crossed.

Where they at, where they at? “Soldier,” featuring raps from T.I. and Lil Wayne, was released as a single on this day in 2004!

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“Girl” became the fifth Destiny’s Child single to earn a gold record from the RIAA on this day in 2005. #destinyschild #dc #girlgroup #girl #rnb #destinyfulfilled

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