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Omenihu Wants You To Know That "All Vibes Matter"
Omenihu Wants You To Know That "All Vibes Matter"

Omenihu Wants You To Know That "All Vibes Matter" [Premiere]

Omenihu Wants You To Know That "All Vibes Matter"

Photo courtesy of Joaquin Chaffardet

2016 was a trying year. We seemed to lose more people this year than ever before, as well as endured everything from our country electing a man clearly not ready to be president, to other problems occurring throughout the world. Still, some people are looking at 2017 with wide eyes and positivity, hoping to fight against the bigotry and hate that continues to plague the United States. Christopher Omenihu, better known as Omenihu, is one of those people.

Having become a fixture of Austin, Texas' local rap scene, the 23-year-old balances being a rapper and the owner of Human Influence, a platform in which Omenihu does everything from create and sell clothing to host listening events and parties. This year served as the beginning steps for Omenihu's rap career, as he released a track called "All Vibes Matter" in September. The song kicks off with bubbling synths and pulsing bass from producer Froogle, setting the stage for Omenihu's raps and guest vocals from Cakemicks.

Now, Okayplayer is premiering the music video for the song. Shot throughout different parts of California, the video finds Omenihu plugged into the track, dancing and rapping in his own world while life continues to move around him. There are also scenes that show him traveling throughout the deserts of Texas, taking a moment to capture the rays of the sun, or to dance in front of a moving train. The video, directed by Nem Perez, was inspired by two spontaneous trips Omenihu made: one on a Megabus from Austin to Dallas; and the other a roundtrip from Dallas to Los Angeles. During those travels the artist began to brainstorm the video for "All Vibes Matter."

"All vibes matter to me means freedom of expression," Omenihu said. "In the video I had headphones on because no matter where I was at I had the right to march to my own drum — specifically listening to my own tunes. Also there are so many different narratives in the world of art and music that I don't even understand, but they are equally as important because those platforms allow people to be who they are!"

Check out the video below.