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Odesza summerstage interview
Odesza summerstage interview

Okayfuture TV Spends A Day Out With ODESZA

Okayfuture TV Spends A Day Out With ODESZA

ODESZA is the hottest electronic music act on the planet right now (true story, their LP In Return debuted at #1 on iTunes' electronic chart and #8 on the overall iTunes chart). Of course we didn't know that, way back in the halcyon days of Spring 2014, when we booked them for Okayplayer's 5-part Summerstage concert series (you may totally-recall that they shared the stage with Cibo Mato and Bonobo for Okayfuture's installment of NYC's massive garden party). We just knew they took infinitely catchy loops of bleeps and bloops and layered them into sophisticated, moody compositions that are perhaps more deserving of the term songs than anything else in the current (post-apocalyptic) landscape of electronica. We didn't know that, here at Okayplayer. Okayfuture, on the other hand, has access to certain information about events that have not yet happened. Call it a gift, call it pre-visioning, call it data-modeling...they see the shape of things to come. Which is probably why they had the clairvoyant foresight to not only bring ODESZA on board the mothership but to spend "A Day Out" with the Seattle duo for the latest episode of Okayfuture TV.

We feel somewhat vindicated, though, that ODESZA themselves feel it's the infinitely catchy loops and layers that are really important:

"When we approach music, it's us kind of latching on to one small thing and spending the rest of the time trying to emphasize the one thing that we really liked about the base of that layers and layers and layers and then cut away the stuff that's not helping that [original] thing."

Read what OKF editor Lily Vanilli has to say about 'em below, hit Okayfuture for more info and tour dates and then press play to watch the whole thing:

With their acclaimed album In Return topping the charts and a sold-out North American headline tour already wrapped, ODESZA is now zig-zagging their way across Europe with endless shows for the the entirety of November. Yet, they show absolutely no signs of slowing down!  Yesterday, fans’ prayers were answered when the beloved Seattle-based electronic duo announced an additional two months’ worth of U.S. dates in 2015 in support of In Return!

What do you think?

To give you a taste of what’s to come when ODESZA hits your city, Okayfuture TVpresents “Day Out with ODESZA.” In this video interview, we follow the hardest-working pair in electronic music as they rock out a sold-out show and after party in Brooklyn (with incredible laser displays by Epic FX!).  The guys get a lil’ deep as they describe what it’s like to experience the intensity and momentum of their success, and making music they want to hear

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