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Michelle Obama Condemns Trump's Re-Election Campaign
Michelle Obama Condemns Trump's Re-Election Campaign
Screengrab via YouTube

"Yes, It Is Racist": Michelle Obama Condemns Trump's Re-Election Campaign

Michelle Obama held Donald Trump to task in a video uploaded to Joe Biden's YouTube page titled, "Michelle Obama's Closing Argument."

Michelle Obama has shared a video condemning Donald Trump and his re-election campaign.

In a video titled "Michelle Obama's Closing Argument" — that was uploaded to Joe Biden's YouTube page — the former first lady criticized the campaign for attacking minorities and spreading fear among people instead of aiming for racial solidarity, as well as lying about the economy and the effects that the coronavirus pandemic has had on it.

"What the president is doing is, once again, patently false, it's morally wrong, and, yes, it is racist," Obama said at one point in the video. "But that doesn’t mean it won’t work."

"He boasts about gains in the stock market, but when you look at the lives of regular folks, whether it's creating blue-collar jobs ... making health care more affordable ...  protecting the environment ... keeping our families safe from gun violence — let alone the coronavirus — there’s nothing much to brag about," she said elsewhere in the video.

The 24-minute video also features her voicing her support of Joe Biden, saying that the Democratic presidential nominee "has lived his life guided by values and principles that mirror ones that most Americans can recognize. I know Joe ... he’s a good man who understands the struggles of everyday folks."

Last week, it was revealed that Trump had contracted Covid-19. He arrived back to the White House on Monday after spending three days at Walter Reed National Military Medical Center.