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LiFT Label x Okayplayer Pendleton Pocket Sweats

>>>LiFT Label x Okayplayer Pendleton Pocket Sweats At Okayplayer Shop

Okayplayer is proud to debut our new collaboration with upcoming Portland Brand LiFT Label in the form of this limited edition custom creation. This super-soft crewneck with it's Pendleton pocket is perfect for a night on the town or to just kick it at home. Fit for male and female players alike, each piece is one of a kind and available in (extremely) limited quantities. Get yours before they disappear (!)

To give you the story behind the sweats OKP sat down with the mind behind LiFT Label, Bobby Bonaparte to talk inspiration, fashion, music and life in the Great Northwest. Check the convo below:

OKP: What inspires your work?

BB: Cultures, friends & the Absolute.

OKP: What led you into fashion?

BB: I grew up in an arboretum.  Portland's arboretum is an extensive public park filled with trees, flowers, animals and endless trails to explore.  My friends and I blazed our own trails, exploring untraveled ravines and hills and built forts in trees.  I'd say this manifested itself in my current life of following my own path, avoiding prescribed trails.

OKP: What music are you listening to?

BB: I'm an avid music consumer.  Pretty much everything new and old.  From Bowie to Danny Brown; Daft Punk to T. Rex; Alt. J to A Tribe Called Quest.  I've also really been feeling the sub-genre of future garage recently. MyMind kills it -- sounds of the future.  For sure, Neill Von Tally drops some clean, mean beats too.

OKP: is Portland really like Portlandia?

BB: Yes and no.  That show parodies our eccentricities to the extreme.  Stay tuned for LiFT's exploration of the REAL Portland.

OKP: any interests other than fashion?

BB: Meditation and self-education. I'm fascinated by the past, the present and beyond.

OKP: Whats the favorite item in your wardrobe?

BB: A hanten from Tokyo's Kabukicho and some LiFT throwback tees I printed in high school.

OKP: This year there were a lot of pendleton and floral prints going around. Whats next?

BB: Pendleton is a Northwest institution so it will remain an integral presence in my collections.  Looking to the future--I'm ever-evolving my creations, injecting them with global consciousness, spirit and love.