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Lauryn Hill Cancels Baltimore Show Due To “Unforeseeable Circumstances”

Lauryn Hill Cancels Baltimore Show Due To “Unforeseeable Circumstances”

Lauryn Hill One Music Festival Victoria Ford
Photo by Victoria Ford/Sneakshot Photography

Lauryn Hill One Music Festival Victoria Ford

It must be painfully difficult to be a Lauryn Hill fan in 2016. After arriving two hours late for an Atlanta show this past weekend and feeling the burn of what seemed like the entire internet imploding at the thought — though it’s happened countless times before and will, no doubt, happen countless times in the months ahead — not to mention, having Questlove go off on her chronic tardiness, Hill has cancelled a Baltimore tour stop slated for this Thursday, May 12th. And while Ms. Hill did offer fans a bit of an explanation for her latenesses in Atlanta citing an inability to align her energy with time, or something along those lines, all Baltimore fans have is the venue’s claim that the cancelation was due to “unforeseeable circumstances” with the promise of full refunds for those seeking them.

Only for Lauryn Hill fans, cancellations and delays have become far too foreseeable, to the extent that some of her peers have felt it necessary to chime in. But now that the internet’s had a moment to hold the mirror up, perhaps we’ll see a more punctual, less entitled Miss Hill. Or not. Hell, at least she had the sense to just cancel the thing instead of making fans wait some ungodly amount of time, only to hit the stage for 20 minutes and dip.


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