Jonathan Emile x Kendrick Lamar - "Heaven Help Dem" [Video]

Jonathan Emile x Kendrick Lamar - "Heaven Help Dem" [Video]

by karaslamb
January 13, 2015 4:29 PM

Jonathan Emile & Kendrick Lamar Chant Down Police Brutality In The Video For "Heaven Help Dem" - The Collaborative Track Crafted To Shed Light On The Unjust Killings Of Unarmed Citizens Murdered By The Police.

Jonathan Emile and Kendrick Lamar rail against injustice in the video for “Heaven Help Dem” – a tribute to victims of police brutality packed with poignant still images of the demonstrations and unrest following the killings of Michael Brown, Eric Garner and others. Emile drops the video with a note on the inspiration for the track:

“‘Heaven Help Dem’ means I hope there is a higher power, or that we can find that higher power within to treat each other better,” explains Emile. “We have to continue to grow respect for each other in our communities while militantly demanding respect from others. Past oppression, urban violence and police brutality are deeply linked – they are painfully inseparable.”

Siding with Lamar, Emile also addresses the recent conflict between the Compton MC and rapper Azealia Banks:

“…How can we love an artist for being complex and true with their words and then hate them for being complex and true in their words? The fact is Kendrick and Azealia are soldiers of the same struggle using different tactics. No matter the color, we all need a seat at the table of humanity.”

Check the footage below to watch the video for “Heaven Help Dem.” Stay tuned for more from Jonathan Emile.

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