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Hieroglyphics — “It’s Partly Me” [Official Video]

Hieroglyphics — “It’s Partly Me” [Official Video]

Hiero The Kitchen Underground Hip Hop

Hiero The Kitchen Underground Hip Hop

Oakland-grown underground hip-hop legends Hieroglyphics are back at it with the visuals for their latest single “It’s Partly Me.”  Off their upcoming collabo album The Kitchen with Sacramento DJ/producers the Sleeprockers, the video features costumed members of the collective (including Opio, Tajai, Del tha Funkee Homosapien, Casual, and Phesto) rapping against picturesque panoramas of the Bay Area. It’s not entirely clear what the driving principle behind the video was, but Pep Love, who’s also featured on the song, described  it as “a throwback concept to blaxploitation movies from the 1970s”  to Rolling Stone, where the footage premiered earlier today. The song itself exudes an updated West Coast OG feel with a vocal hook that punches into the track while the distinct rappers deliver their rhymes. It looks like The Kitchen, the first studio album from the Hiero camp in a decade, will touch on a variety of topics—its first single, “Gun Fever,” serves as a commentary on the gun control debate and is accompanied by a video with a decidedly different vibe from the playful “It’s Partly Me,” which you can check out below. To hear the rest of what Hiero’s been cooking in The Kitchen (excuse the corny pun—I couldn’t resist), cop it on iTunes or Amazon July 16.

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