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Even Ghostface Killah Had A Tough Time Distinguishing Action Bronson's Voice From His Own

Even Ghostface Killah Had A Tough Time Telling His Voice From Action Bronson's

And the debate rages on! A recent interview of Ghostface Killah found the Shaolin assassin addressing the long contended notion that Action Bronson's voice resembles his own. The response, though wholly expected from a man known for his unrivaled curtness, was one that could be taken as shot in the direction of Mr. Wonderful, but please don't get it twisted. GFK speaks on his reaction to Bronsolino's voice upon first hearing it, not whether there's a concerted effort to impersonate the smoke-stained rasp of an iconic Wu-Tang member, citing his first impressions of Shine and thinking it was Biggie. And that's not even close to the end of hip-hop's list of mistaken identities, just a friendly reminder that some people are simply born with similar tones and inflections to their voice. Also, given the proximity of their respective upbringings (and I know anyone in NYC has ran into 10 more dudes that sound like GFK on their best day) it's not really all that surprising. At the end of the day, it's all love anyway. Pretty Tony's freshly announced sequel to 12 Reason To Die is slated for a July release, wholly produced by Adrian YoungeWatch a visibly uncomfortable Ghostface Killah speak to the GFK v. Bronson debate in the clip below.