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Lil B Endorses Bernie Sanders
Lil B Endorses Bernie Sanders

Durant May Head To The Warriors...But Can He Break The Lil B Curse?

Durant May Head To The Warriors...But Can He Break The Lil B Curse?

Kevin Durant, the 27 year old Oklahoma City Thunder small forward, as we all know, has been cursed a wicked curse by the all powerful Rapper, Writer, Composer, Director, Photographer, and all around cultural icon Lil B The Based God. In an epic back and forth saga that began in 2011, Durant called The Based God a “wack rapper.” Lil B forcefully responded with his own Berkeley, California brand of Dark Magic, perhaps utilizing the power source that emanates from UC Berkeley’s 307-foot Sather Tower, to curse Durant with a terrible fate, destined never to win a coveted NBA Championship.

Many who previously doubted the curse's authenticity were made believers during the Western Conference Final when the Golden State Warriors, after losing two consecutive games, miraculously came back to beat OKC by winning game five, six, and seven denying Durant a chance at a championship Ring.

But Durant has plans of his own and there are new developments that might help him defeat the curse. His play: If you can’t beat them, join them.

Now that the embattled Number 35 is a free agent, news has been filtering in about his possible signing to the Warriors, an addition that may help Oakland clinch the championship in the upcoming season. With eight players on the Warriors contracts expiring, such as Harrison Barnes, also a small forward, Durant seems to be a great option for Oakland.

But Durant on the warriors would put the visionary rapper and bestower of curses Lil B in an odd predicament. Does he leave the curse in place? And watch his home team be plagued with defeat and disappointment? Or perhaps he will lift the curse and allow the Warriors to win another championship after being denied this year by the Cleveland Cavaliers.

Only time will tell.

In the meantime peep Lil B's diss track below, via the magic of YouTube.