Daft Punk Pay Tribute To Nile Rodgers In Short Clip From Doc

Daft Punk Transmits A Loving Note To Nile Rodgers In A Clip From A Forthcoming Doc On The Disco Legend

Daft Punk Transmit A Loving Note To Nile Rodgers In A Clip From Forthcoming Documentary

At this point, it should be no surprise that the strutting six-string behind some of the most colossal records of nearly 40 years in recorded music has been that of Nile Rodgers. Aside from being one of disco’s greatest architects (reborn as the Golden Age of hip-hop’s musical backbone) Rodgers has been one of the most prevalent sonic smiths in every decade since his reign as the dance floor freaker of the ’70s, reincarnated once more as the man behind Daft Punk‘s legendary return on 2013’s Random Access Memories, ushering in a new era of funk supremacy with trademark “Hitmaker” by his side. And with such a rich contribution to the r&b cannon and it’s countless (okay) players, there may not be a man more on the planet who is more deserving of a documentary treatment that chronicles the heavenly highs and drug-addled lows of one of music’s greatest writers and producers. Today, a short clip surfaced from a the forthcoming doc Nile Rodgers: From Disco To Daft Punk of what appears to be the funky French robots upon their mothership sending a message of love and admiration down to Rodgers, with Carly Simon’s cosmic, dancehall boogie “Why” cut scoring the affair. There’s no date on the release of the doc just yet, but you can be we’ll have the goods when they arrive. Watch Daft Punk transmit a loving note to Nile Rodgers in the clip below. Jump back to hear NR & Chic reclaim the disco throne with their latest single “I’ll Be There,” decicated to Rodgers’ longtime collaborator and writing partner Bernard Edwards.

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