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Black Milk - "The Kraft"


Black Milk drops a rough draft from his ongoing Fuzz Freqs & Colors collaborative project with illustrator Upendo Taylor entitled "The Kraft." The rare behind-the-scenes peek at what he's got cooking is a decision Black Milk attributes to the creative process of bouncing ideas back and forth with Taylor - the man behind the artwork on the Synth Or Soul project. This track is arguably one of several that will end up on the follow-up to that project. The suspenseful strings and vocal samples of "The Kraft" are a dope contrast to the bleeps and static that make up the foundation of the track. "The Kraft" plays in movements that pack an unrelenting thump; the composition grows larger and progressively better as the seconds pass, building to a wobbling crescendo before dropping off into an ending that plays like a step into a different and arguably much less crunk dimension. Check the track below to listen and download "The Kraft" from Black Milk.