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Bill Cosby First Ever To Have UConn Honorary Degree Revoked
Bill Cosby First Ever To Have UConn Honorary Degree Revoked

Bill Cosby Becomes First Person Ever To Have UConn Honorary Degree Revoked

Bill Cosby First Ever To Have UConn Honorary Degree Revoked

The University of Connecticut has decided to revoke an honorary degree to Bill Cosby, stating he engaged in conduct "incongruent" with the university's values. The decision was unanimously made this past Wednesday, with trustees rescinding the Doctor of Fine Arts given to The Cosby Show star. Officials said it was the first time UConn has revoked an honorary degree.

The decision comes as Cosby continues to face allegations that he drugged and molested over 50 women over the past four decades. Back in May the actor and entertainer was ordered to court for the charges, with the presiding judge determining that there was more than sufficient evidence to take Cosby to court (although a precise date for the trial hasn't been made). If convicted the 78-year-old could see up to 10 years behind bars. He'll be heading to arraignment next month.

According to the university's resolution, UConn cited Cosby's admissions in lawsuit depositions. In one deposition, Cosby admitted he had affairs with young models and actresses, as well as obtained quaaludes to give to women he wanted to have sex with.

"The university respects the principles of due process and Mr. Cosby's right to a fair and public trial on the criminal charges against him," the resolution states. "But the conduct which he admitted in his sworn testimony provides compelling reasons for the University of Connecticut to consider the revocation of his honorary degree. This is an extraordinary action that is not being taken lightly."

More than two dozen other colleges and universities around the country have already rescinded Cosby's honorary degrees or are considering doing so. Brown University, George Washington University and Fordham University are among those that have revoked their honorary degrees to Cosby. Boston University was the most recent school to award him an honorary degree in 2014, but has since rescinded it.